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PBN Article: Catching up with (a busy) Danielle Scherman


Catching up with (a busy) Danielle Scherman

Apr 20, 2017, 2:00pm HST

Katie Murar  ReporterPacific Business News

Oahu Realtor Danielle Scherman has been busy this year, between transitioning from Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hawaii, the relaunch of her business networking group, Social Wahine, and creating a new business concept for a luxury furniture outdoor market.

The Kailua native, also known as the “Barefoot Agent,” said she still devotes the majority of her time to selling real homes, and has brought on extra help to assist with the execution of her two other projects.

Danielle Scherman at her family residence in Kailua

Collaborative culture

Scherman decided to make the move to Berkshire Hathaway about two months ago, saying the transition has been “seamless.”

“The morale of the company is so upbeat and exciting, it is really a cohesive and collaborative environment where everyone wants to help each other,” Scherman said.

The company — which has offices in Kailua and Honolulu — launched its Hawaii operation in 2015 and is led by Tracy Bradley, who has since brought in over 90 agents, most of whom came from other real estate companies in Hawaii.

Despite its quick growth, Scherman notes that Berkshire has a strong company culture that starts at the top.

“Tracy has a really great vision, and she provides support to us while also pushing us to perform to our best abilities,” Scherman said. “It is really great having a president that is here on Oahu, and is available to us at any time. Also, the people she has brought on to run the company are awesome, which really makes a difference.”


Some aspects of the company that contribute to a positive company culture are weekly events that are open to all real estate agents in Hawaii, healthy food and amenities within the offices and broker tours, so agents can learn about Oahu’s neighborhoods from Realtors who are experts of the market.

“Some agents are really knowledgeable on one market and not on another, and it is important for all of us to know everything that is going on so that is a really helpful resource to us,” Scherman said.

Rebooting Social Wahine

Scherman, who moved back to Hawaii from New York two years ago, recently relaunched the website for her networking organization, Social Wahine, with the help of her executive team. At one point, the organization had 500 members, though Scherman plans on growing the group slower this time around. It currently has about 30 members, and is geared toward local professionals who are looking to grow within their own business, or for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own business.

“I am really trying to create a new fresh version of Social Wahine, and create something that I hope all women in business can benefit from,” Scherman said.

Ultimately, Scherman hopes to expand the network to the Mainland.

“My goal is to lessen the gap between Hawaii and the Mainland, and for those in the network to have resources when they are traveling or looking to expand or launch a product somewhere other than Hawaii,” Scherman said.

Aloha Home Market

Scherman’s next project came to be after she noticed a trend occurring on Oahu from working with real estate clients and through conversations with interior designers on the island.

“They told me that when they go to find furniture for their new home, they can either buy from the Mainland, where only a few companies ship to Hawaii, or they can get a third-party shipper, which costs extra time and money,” Scherman said. “I realized there was a gap in the market here, because there aren’t that many local furniture stores in Hawaii.”

After visiting the Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club and seeing unique, locally-made furniture that was made by people without storefronts, Scherman decided to create an event that would showcase the high-end furniture being made on Oahu.

“There are so many great pieces being sold here through Instagram, Etsy and Facebook, and I want to curate a monthly home market that will bring together these vendors and give them a forum to get their product out to the public, and give the public a chance to purchase furniture they didn’t even know existed,” Scherman said.

The Aloha Home Market is expected to launch in July.

Katie Murar covers tourism, restaurants, retail and residential real estate for Pacific Business News.

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