Free Download: Social Wahine Guide To Networking

Social Wahines Guide To Networking

Social Wahine is a great many things. We’re a group of successful businesswomen, a Facebook community, and a go-to resource for referrals both business and personal — but, above all else, we are a networking organization. We are the kind of women that value meeting other women and engaging with them. It’s why Social Wahine has always been known for our networking events, and it is why we are so excited to be hosting them again!

Our next event will be our first in a while. Maybe it’s your first in a while, too. Maybe you attend them regularly but haven’t really capitalized on the exposure. Maybe you just need a little refresher. Whether you’re new to the networking game or a seasoned pro, we always want you to be as equipped for success as you can be, so we made a little something just for you!  Download the guide by clicking here.

Social Wahine Guide To Networking

The Social Wahine Guide to Networking includes 25 of our best techniques for making impressions and connections – proven tips and tricks from our team. We’re sharing them all with you, and the guide is absolutely free.

Sneak Peek Inside

Take a glimpse at some of the techniques we’re sharing:

  • Sum yourself up: Have a one or two sentence description prepared that describes who you are and what you do. Practice saying it out loud. A sales pitch is not required, but a little personality is highly encouraged.
  • Keep Your Right Hand Free: You never know when you’ll need to reach for your business cards or shake a hand. (Or grab a glass of wine!)
  • Ask For Advice: Demonstrate your trust in their expertise.
  • Use Social: Social Media is one of the most powerful tools we have to develop connections. Invite your new contacts to connect on LinkedIn, like their business page on Facebook (they’ll often reciprocate), and tag them in your posts about the event.

The Social Wahine Guide To Networking we created includes all of that plus 21 more techniques for making impressions and connections. Download it below and read up. Remember – practice makes perfect, so join us at one of our events soon to show off you new networking know-how!

Social Wahine Guide To Networking

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