How to be a Better Leader

Social Wahines - How to be a Better Leader

One of the most important traits of an effective business leader is the ability to make decisions. Some decisions are organizational, some are financial. Some decisions are made alone, some are made in collaboration with others. Some decisions must be made quickly and under pressure, some require weeks of research and consideration. Some decisions affect day-to-day operations, some have scopes so vast they can affect the entire organization.

Want to be a better leader in your business? Be a better decision-maker.

Want to be a better decision-maker? Try meditation.

It’s easy to dismiss meditation as a relaxation exercise, something to quiet the mind. However, research tells us that meditation can lead to significant improvements in life and even business.

We turned to our friend and medication coach, Lia Catanzaro, to ask exactly how meditation can help us become better leaders.

“Very simply, with practice, meditation and deep breathing both connect to and change the big areas of the brain that have to do with emotion and cognition, the amygdala and hippocampus. When these areas have been stimulated you are in more control of your emotional well being, your concentration, and decision-making — which would of course make you a better leader and individual, especially in important or stressful situations.” — Lia Cat, Social Wahine workshop leader

Want to learn more about meditation, and how it can benefit you in life and business? Join us! We’re partnering with Lia Cat to bring our members Meditation and You, a step-by-step introduction to meditation and how to make it a part of your life.

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